Diary from Barcelona: Part 3

On 28th November, we open Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde at Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Here is the third part of my diary, from rehearsals to performance… Make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 first!


Today is all about not talking too much and making sure I eat and drink enough. I’ll take a walk and go through the things that happened in the dress rehearsal that I know I can do better.

It seems like yesterday that we started rehearsals, but tomorrow is our opening night! I am so excited!

Thanks for following me here for the last few days! Please share your memories and pictures with me and each other.

Be kind!


Today I had a much needed break after a tough rehearsal period. So many thoughts, so many things to digest, so many sleepless nights…

This morning I didn’t want to leave my bed but when I did I went to a concert after a long walk. A wonderful day!

Christmas is getting close and that always makes me smile! All the decorations, the music, family coming together… I just love it. I have been able to be at home every Christmas Eve except one since I started freelancing. This year I have few days off, but as long as I can spend a couple of days with my family I am happy.

Right now I am grateful I got through yesterday’s dress rehearsal. It was my first run of an opera since the accident four months ago. I still have some struggles but I managed and I am glad to be here at the Liceu, surrounded by my wonderful colleagues and friends.



The auditorium is full of young people, they were brought to the Liceu in buses! How I just love them! All of them!!! They listened, they reacted spontaneously, they put me in the best mood on stage! Come back, please, all of you, continue to be exactly as you were this evening 😌 – our dress rehearsal felt like a rock concert tonight!

We have had a hard rehearsal period but now it is done and we have 7 performances in front of us! I can’t wait for every single one. This production is worth a visit, there is no end to it’s beauty…

Now for a shower, but first I will feed my rodent companion with some “böse gifte” here in the apartment. For now he is hiding but unfortunately for him I will be the winner because…

I got Licence to kill!


10:00 Tired ✔

12:00 Tired ✔

14:00 Tired ✔

15:00 Make up ✔

16:30 Wig and costume ✔

17:00 On stage ✔

19:30 Come off stage ✔

20:00 Not tired at all 😜