Diary from Barcelona: Part 1

On 28th November, we open Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde at Gran Teatre del Liceu. Here is my diary, from rehearsals to performance…

Sunday 19 November 2017 – Day off!


In a taxi to meet a friend from gymnasium [high] school way back when! So excited, we haven’t seen each other since then!


At La Barceloneta after a long walk… Barcelona, my second home ❤.



Monday 20 November 2017 – Stage & orchestra rehearsal, Act I


At last I got that feeling inside, that point when I take over my character and I feel her coming alive under my skin. It took longer than I am used to and wasn’t easy, but I hope I will do her the justice she deserves…

Act one!

The Irish princess Isolde is on a ship to Cornwall to marry King Marke, an arrangement she isn’t happy about at all! Over 90 minutes I can express myself with all the colours possible. You can be sure she leaves nobody in any doubt about her actions. This act is anything but boring and I loooooove it!

Isolde is full of challenges, both as a character and to sing. I have had a close relationship with this girl since 2006 and have travelled with her all over the world. I have learned and listened to so many people with the deepest knowledge, I read and I analyse but I still feel that I have so much to learn. I hope that feeling never leaves me!

Liceu, your smilies greet us on stage every day – what a privilege! ❤

Iréne's diary - Liceu's smilies

Saturday 18 November 2017 – More rehearsals


My vocal chords survived yesterday’s long rehearsal. I am fit for another day of sitzprobe Tristan und Isolde.

I’ve just put on the washing machine, now porridge, read text, shower, read the news, some phone calls and emails…

The normal things in life give me joy.


Iréne's Barcelona diary: score for Tristan und Isolde


We did it!!!

The sound, the eagerness to improve and the joy when the work pays off is so fulfilling. That feeling to be together and work for the same goal is something I wish everyone to experience.

Perfection doesn’t exist, lucky us, but everyone is so focused… oh, and did I say how lucky and happy I am to be back?

I still had time for some grocery shopping after the rehearsal; Iberico ham, spinach and a glass of Cava. Yes, that’s my evening after a couple of satisfying days.

Friday 17 November 2017 – Orchestra rehearsal


…another new day in my life, my life that I realise seems to become divided in a ”before and after”.

It is with humble gratefulness I say hello to you, to the world and myself after my serious accident in July. My life could have become very different for different reasons but I am back! Thanks for all of your support…thank you!!


My heartbeat is solid, my breathing deep. I start to go into my bubble of focus and concentration.

First orchestra rehearsal at 16:00 and there is nothing I can do but my best! It is scary not having the reference, “last performance was….” to lean on.

But, the love and care I feel from everyone here made me decide “it is here and now I have to go back in business.”


We did it!

Food and sleep next!

I am tired but happy!

Every time I do Isolde I fall in love with her, her temper, her passion, her intelligence…

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