Brünnhilde's Munich diary - Part III

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6 February 2019

9:00 AM

I turned over and skipped breakfast today! 😴

10:00 AM

I look at my watch and realize it is too late for breakfast, so a banana and some almonds is today’s first meal along with fresh grapefruit juice. There is no minibar or fridge here but, as I always prefer an open window, the liquids are kept nice and cold this time of the year!

3:00 PM

When you are a homeowner there are always concerns! I have had some phone calls with people at home to sort a minor leak in my bathroom as well as other day-to-day matters!  But in between that I received an unexpected call from Stockholm!

Sadly Michael Volle has had to cancel – I wish him a speedy recovery. James Rutherford is joining, and it’s interesting to discover that I have worked with most Wotans out there! James and I have performed Die Walküre together in Adam Fischer’s Wagner festival at Müpa in Budapest in 2017. He is a cool customer! He came directly from the airport to the dress rehearsal and sang like a God!

4:00 PM

Now I am on my way out. With this video I end this diary for now, thanks for joining me!

Make sure to tune in to BR-Klassik on Friday and hear me performing for you all!

Be kind!