Brünnhilde's Munich diary - Part II

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5 February 2019

9:30 AM

Ooohhh, I just didn’t want to leave my bed today but after the breakfast, I’m feeling more awake! I may be a slow starter but I’m always in a good mood.

2:00 PM

I’ve arrived at the Herkulessaal for our dress rehearsal – wish us luck!

10:30 pm

We did it!

There were some technical things to test out but these will be ready for Friday. It makes a big difference when and where we enter and leave the stage and what microphone we use, and I really appreciate that they decided those things in today’s rehearsal instead of telling us just our first entrance on Friday.

I brought three different pairs of concert shoes with me, too many? Well, now I know we have lots of stairs and cables to sort so, if I could, I would prefer to be barefoot! Every chance I have, on and off stage or at home, I spend without shoes! But at the same time I am CRAZY about shoes! One day I may count all of them… if I dare…🙄

Today’s boots! These are my favourites.

To work with Sir Simon Rattle is so special. He is such a genius and he brings out the best in all of us. He works tirelessly in detail, he brings out colors I have seldom experienced – if ever – and all this with a smile on his face. As a bonus he has that sense of humour I like – sarcasm and self-mockery is my cup of tea, always in a good spirit!

Yes, I have a long list of superlatives about the orchestra and my colleagues too.

The lovely Eva-Maria Westbroek, Sir Simon Rattle and me after the dress rehearsal! The orchestra posted this sneak preview, I can’t wait for our concerts!

So, dear diary, today was a good day and I will allow myself an evening watching TV! By the way, I never studied any German, the simple German I know I have picked up from listening. I make a lot of mistakes of course, but I have to thank all dubbed programs, talk shows, news and advertisements…Vielen Dank!

And no, I will not be setting an alarm for tomorrow! 😌

Bis morgen!