Brünnhilde's Diary - Part I

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“Early this morning I was on the couch playing with the golden head of Siegmund that we have in our living room. Then Father sent me to go and bring Siegmund to Valhalla! Siegmund! Guess how much I am looking forward to that?!?!

I tell you! My father, Wotan, he is the coolest in the whole universe. And I happen to be his favourite daughter! Lucky me 😉!


After today’s Walküre rehearsal I had a fitting! Even though the fabric cuts like knives on my skin, I just adore that dress I will wear in Siegfried. But first things first!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day – I’ll set foot on the real stage in this exciting drama.

Now out to smell the spring before next rehearsal!




“Today I decided to be the rebel father always wanted me to be. He behaved very strangely, but I am sure it was something Fricka said that made him so different… I even got a bit scared of him but my sisters and I will make him happy again… don’t you think? 


Today we had a run of Walküre, the last rehearsal before our performance on Sunday. It went well and everyone is looking forward to meeting the audience.

You are needed for us on stage, we feel your mood, your concentration and interest! To reach the magic we are all a part of the performance and I really enjoy that! When the doors are closed, the music starts, we are all participating in the same drama with all our senses activated. We laugh and cry together for all those hours! Then we open the door and go out into the ‘normal’ life again, but filled with new experiences we in no other way could gain! Magic!!!

But, to go with the flow is both a bit scary and like a drug for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I am very disciplined and really try to behave until I get to the point of the performance, then I just let go and… puh!… Help me hold my horses on Sunday, or not… 😉

Here just a hint of my costume as Walküre-Brünnhilde. Not bad, not bad at all! 😍

Now I am leaving the theatre for a walk in a sunny Vienna!

See you tomorrow!



7 APRIL 2018

“…in this world, my dad is the boss, THE boss, he knows everything! I just have a feeling that some things will change from tomorrow, a radical change and I will be involved… seriously involved… but, today is here and now, my sisters and I will collect our heroes, strong and handsome men for future battles!

I love my life!

Bis morgen folks!”

I have to share this with you, a video from my dressing room right after our rehearsal yesterday! A theatre never sleeps…

Today is an antisocial day, when I get close to a performance I go quiet, can you imagine?!

I am filling my body with fluids, eating properly, going for a walk, reading through the text, preparing my makeup brushes, making sure I have a good lunch that is easy to prepare for tomorrow. I’m going to have salmon and mozzarella salad, my favourite!

I have just put the things I have to bring with me to the theatre onto the table by the door, so I don’t forget them; a banana, water, makeup, false eyelashes, contact lenses, some new pictures, tights and socks…

I am looking forward and I hope we do make magic together tomorrow from 5pm!

Sending you all sunshine from Vienna.





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