Los Amics del Liceu: Best Female Singer Award

I am humbly grateful to be awarded “Best Female Singer” by Los Amics del Liceu 15/16 in Barcelona, Spain, for the role of Brünnhilde in Götterdämmerung.

To achieve successful productions, one needs a team with a clear goal and lots of talented, hard-working people in the theatre. That’s what I had the privilege to be a part of in our Ring at Liceu. Together with the open minded, warm-hearted audience that Liceu always shows me, magic happens in the communication with every single person in the auditorium. I am so thankful for the positive energy I feel from you all.

This award shows that we can reach magic together through culture!

I thank you all for giving me your trust and support that I need to develop and keep my artistry alive.

Thank you Los Amics del Liceu! ❤️

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