Interview with San Francisco Classical Voice

I sat down with San Francisco Classical Voice and we spoke about the ins and outs of my life as a soprano.

I heard that you sang all day yesterday and also last night. You have a reputation as someone who can sing and sing and sing.

And I’ve learned that by doing it. To jump in and remember a lot of staging, and work with the conductor directly with the orchestra without meeting him before. For me it’s about not making up problems before they are there. Like today. They said, “Oh, but it’s your day off.” Yes, I expected to have a day off, but it didn’t turn out that way. I have this, and I have a wig fitting, and that is what comes when you’re here a short time. I don’t put my energy into thinking, “How could they?” or “Why should I?” I’m here and I’m happy to be here. Today is a good day. Yesterday was another good day. I don’t know about tomorrow yet, but I don’t feel I’m going to catch any cold or anything, so that’s a good start for thinking tomorrow is going to be another good day.

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